Bulletin For Sunday, August 17, 2014

08/15/2014 12:11

Bulletin For Sunday August 17, 2014

~ Thank you to Associate Pastor Kent and our Core Team for letting us have some time off and for all our leaders who stepped up…. Much Love from Pastor and Angela

~ August 16th Benefit at Wawee’s

Weekly Tithe - $ 215.10
Monthly - $ 1549.10

If you are writing a check,
Please write it to Freedom Biker Church. In the memo please note if it is Tithe or Building Fund.
Thank You

~ If you have a praise report that you would like to share for the bulletin. Please get with Pastor Rowdy so it can be approved and published in the following Sunday bulletin.

Nursery is available!! Please feel free to take your child in & listen to service.

Chopper church is HERE!! 5yrs & up Driver is Lisa Bertrand please signing your child in & out.

Bike Night is a potluck fellowship gathering we will have every 2nd Friday of each month beginning at 6:00 pm. Open to anyone who wants to participate

ALL VERBAL Announcements or additions to the bulletin need to be in the office by 5pm Thursdays. Your Request must be written and reviewed and approved by the Pastor or Core Team. Thank You


Sunday services: Hangout 10:30 A.M
Service 11:00 A.M
You Do Not have to be a biker to attend our church. We accept everyone!!

Mondays : THAP (The Healing Arts Project) 6:00 P.M


Wednesdays : Praise and worship Practice 5:30 ish P.M

Thursdays: REFUEL and Biker B.A.B.E.S bible studies.... Ladies 6:30 P.M Promptly in Chopper Church Room. Men 6:30 P.M

2nd Thursday of the Month , Fellowship at Cycle Gear 6:00 P.M

2nd Friday of the Month, Bike Night, A fun night of Food and Fellowship 6:00 P.M

God Bless and have a Blessed weekend!