Bulletin For Sunday, September 14, 2014

09/13/2014 17:37

September 14,  2014


~  James 3 :13

  Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom.



                       In The News:


   ~   The Daddy and Daughter Date Night has been postponed until September 27th…  More details to come.

 ~ Thank You to all who came to Bike Night and our Leaders who serve…. We Love you all!!


                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY

                            Sept 4th      Cherie Girard

                            Sept 10th    Ann Yates

                            Sept 14th    Sticks

                            Sept 18th    Alicia Rogers

                            Sept 26th  Nicholas Pate

               Sept 20th  Lelan and Sheila’s Wedding

                     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

                   Sept 7th Blue and Marie LeMeilleur




                               9/07/14        $   887.00

                               8/10/14        $   251.10

                               8/17/14        $   692.35

                               8/24/14        $   424.31                                 


If you are writing a check, please write it to Freedom Biker Church.  In the memo, please note if it is Tithe or Building Fund.

                                           Thank You





Nursery is available! Please feel free to take your child in &            listen to service


Chopper church 5yrs & up   Driver is Cindy Caho,   please sign    your child in and out!

Bike Night is a potluck fellowship gathering we will have every 2nd Friday of each month beginning at 6:00 pm.  Open to anyone who wants to participate.



                Sunday:  Hangout 10:30 am   Service 11:00

                            Monday:  THAP 6:00 pm

       Wednesday:  Praise and Worship practice 5:30 ish pm

     Thursday:  Biker B.A.B.E.S   Ladies Bible Study 6:30 pm

             Thursday:  REFUEL Men’s Bible Study 6:30 pm



God Bless and Have an amazing Week!!