11/01/2013 09:11


Freedom Biker Church of Lafayette is moving its weekly Sunday 11:00 AM worship services or “rallies” to it's permanet location beginning November 01, 2013. The Church permanet meets at its 2939 Cameron Street location in Lafayette. The renovaton of the building means more space for the worship, chopper church for the kiddos age 5 to 12, nursery and community programs coordinated through the Church. Freedom Biker Church is located off of Cameron, near the Bertrand Extension.

Pastor Rowdy Daigle says,"the move to their permanet location will allow the Church to grow and have a closer relationship with the congregation." “We have been blessed with this amazing opportunity to renovate the building and have it look and feel of a biker shop down to the burn out marks on the tiled road leading to the altar.” “When we started Freedom Biker Church it was meant to be an outreach to the biker community in Acadiana and I can’t think of a place where we as bikers like to congregate more than at the bike shop and can now call it home.” ”I want to personally invite everyone to come out and join us experience something different in a church and a faith community.”


Freedom Biker Church’s Lafayette was started in 2011 by Pastor Rowdy Daigle and his wife Angela Daigle. The Christian Church is part of the larger Freedom Biker Church network which has branched out into several cities across the US and Canada. Freedom Biker Church was established as a means for bikers to reach bikers with a message of true freedom in Jesus Christ. Log on to for more information.